SXSW Insanity at The W in Austin, Tx

We left for Austin exactly a week ago to kick off the interactive festival of SXSW, and needless to say, it was one wild ride.  Seeing as it was our first time to ever enter the festival we weren’t really sure what to anticipate.  The fact of the matter was that we were there to visit the FBA Chile Studio Booth in order to understand why their designs had become so popular over the course of the past five years.  The homes are typically modern but have a tinge of Tuscan influence to them which gives them a unique feel and popularity.

Some very famous people have been purchasing homes by the architects and as you would imagine the prices have skyrocketed.  In the middle of visiting the interactive real estate booths, we also got to enjoy some of the local music scene…. which was so profound it was almost overwhelming.  Between being in a moshpit for Iggy Pop, to losing an earring at the ASAP Rocky riot I don’t really know what hit me; but you know what they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  Of the most famous people in Real Estate to purchase an FBA home would be the Millionaire Real Estate Agent Sarah Williams who is well known for controlling properties all over the South of the United States.  Known primarily as a Real Estate Agent in Liberty Hill Tx Sarah is a procurer of all things real estate and has set a standard in Texas for being one of the best int he business.  She paid over $3million dollars for the property which is located in Chile, but will be expected to only live there one week out of the year.  The remainder of the year the home will be open to the public for visitation.  Very kind-hearted of her.

We still have one week left in Austin for SXSW and will be kicking off the music side of things, which means no more work!  We will be staying at the best hotel available in Austin, Tx which of course is the world renowned W Hotel.  The space we are in is amazingly luxurious and reminds us very much of the one in New York but, of course, has a more casual feel to accompany the city in which it exists.  A coupon can be found in the image below.  Visit Our Contact Page if More Information Need Be Provided.





Texas-Tuscan style is based on the appearance of the old world of Italian vineyards, villas and farms, but adds the drama and scale for the state of Texas is known. Decorate this hybrid aesthetic not have to involve the renovation of the entire house. Instead, use favorite features samples in the tradition of rustic design and aesthetics combine an earthly bold. Texas-Tuscan decor blends well with primitive drawings, western, lodge, bohemians, cottage, southwest, modern Mexican hacienda and country decorating.

Set the tone with large-scale architectural elements. For a complete redesign of Texas-Tuscan, consider a colonnade or iron gate at the entrance and columns and arches surrounding the door or doors. Courtyards, patios and garden architecture interior and exterior spaces are mixed.

Keep natural materials unpolished and unpainted for an earthy look. A stone wall, brick, wall posts or wooden rafters looks older Tuscan world with a natural finish. Hardwood floors or clay treatment rooms lend warmth and texture. Subtly illuminate surfaces without softening his rough textures with a thin coat of paint milk cream, pale yellow, gray stone or earth tone faded.  Get Great Ideas at our partners website, by clicking the link.

Integrate bits of glitz and glamor for a Texas accent. Bottle of green glass tiles or cobalt, murals of landscape scenes or-cool faux finishes and interior walls give a touch of showmanship to a traditional interior of Tuscany.  You can use things like this to inspire high-rise living in downtown New York as well.

Investing in furniture focal point scale. In the area of the kitchen or dining room, a large wooden table in wood or dark gray gradient defines the space. A mosaic mural on a coffee table and a bookcase with wrought iron brackets give your living room handcrafted touches. Rococo go in the bedroom with a canopy bed or canopy.

Accessories such important works and natural elements. Continue the theme of the mixture inside and outdoors by the formulation of the windows and doors with hanging plants, window boxes or vases filled with wildflowers. Large wool carpet in red, brown, orange and blue bridge deep traditional vanes and west Tuscany. The large oil paintings of the Italian landscape or still life of olives, fruits and flowers can serve as focal points.